Payment & Payment Instructions

Tender Offer Settlement Process 

  • If you are participating in a Tender Offer, or another Issuer sponsored transaction, you can generally expect to receive your funds upon the settlement of the transaction. The settlement of a transactions generally occurs 5-14 business days after the Tender Offer expires. Generally, the expected settlement date can be found in the FAQs tab within the transaction you are participating in.  You will receive an email once the funds have been wired to your payment instructions on file.  Typically, your proceeds will arrive same day, but it can take up to 5 business days for your funds to appear in your bank.
  • If your wire bounces or is returned for any reason, we will reach out to you via email to collect updated payment instructions and re-initiate your wire.

Fees & Payment Types

  • Fees associated with an Issuer sponsored transaction will be displayed in the respective event workflow and in the informational card in the right-hand side of your screen. To navigate to the information card for a live event, access, click the program under the “Live Programs” tab of your account. Information about fees, if any, will be displayed in the Overview tab of the event.  Any Issuer sponsored programs and events can be accessed here.

  • NPM sends proceeds through a wire transfer, so please be sure that you are providing payment instructions for a wire transfer. Please reach out to your bank to gather your wire instructions. You may be able to access your wire instructions through your online banking or by calling your bank directly. Note that your bank may charge additional fees if your payment instructions are incorrect and result in a returned or bounced wire. 

Order Filling & Oversubscriptions

  • Once NPM and the Issuer have processed the transaction settlement, you can expect to see your filled quantity and proceeds within your NPM account. You can see the transaction overview by signing into and clicking the “Submissions” tab within your account.  An example is pictured below:

  • In the case of an oversubscription, your proceeds may be reduced as described in the transaction documents. The resulting filled quantity from any cutbacks will be reflected in your NPM account and on any applicable transaction confirmations. Any questions regarding how your order was filled should be directed to the Company.
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