Order Status

If you are participating in a Company Sponsored Program such as a tender offer and have begun a submission on the NPM Platform, your submission will show one of three statuses. The first status you may see is Incomplete. If your submission is incomplete, this means that you have not completed all of the required steps in the order process. Your order card will look like this:

In order to complete your submission, please click the “Continue Submission” button and follow the prompts in the workflow. Note that if your order is in an Incomplete state at the time of expiration, your order will not be counted for participation.

Once you have completed all required steps of the order entry process, your order status may show as Pending. Your order can be pending for a few reasons:

  • NPM is in the process of reviewing your identity verification. If this is the case, this may take 24-48 hours to process. If any additional information is required, the NPM team will contact you directly.

  • If you have a spouse who is required to sign the transaction documents, your order will appear as pending until your spouse has executed the agreements. If you have any questions on the Spousal Signing process, please follow this link. 


  • If you have elected to change the name on your bank account in the payments instructions step on the workflow, your order will be pending until NPM reviews this change. Please note that depending on the change made, NPM may require additional documentation showing proof of name change, or proof of ownership.


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