Activation Instructions Required for Login to the NPM Platform

1. Please start on your computer and locate the “Dear NPM Customer – Setup 2FA” Email from

Activation Instructions for Login 01.png

2. Click “Activate NPM Account” located in this email

Activation Instructions for Login 02.png

 3. Enter a new password & choose a “Forgot Password” question to create your account

Activation Instructions for Login 03.png

 4. Select your 2FA method

Two Factor Authentication includes:

  • Okta Verify (Push notification through Okta’s mobile app)
  • Google Authenticator (Single-use code through Google Authenticator app)
  • SMS Authentication (not recommended per security training)

Activation Instructions for Login 04.png

5. Click Setup

Activation Instructions for Login 05.png

6. Select your device type (e.g., iPhone) and then Click Next

Activation Instructions for Login 06.png

7. Open Okta Verify and follow the instructions. For those that are already using Okta Verify, please select + to add a different account for NPM

Choose the type of account to add. Tap Organization

Choose the QR code setup method

  • When prompted on the Okta Verify app “Do you Have Your QR Code?” please tap Yes, Ready to Scan
  • Ensure the QR code is shown on another device such as a laptop or desktop
  • Tap Yes, Ready To Scan, and point your camera at the QR code displayed in the browser on another device

Scan the QR code displayed on your computer

Activation Instructions for Login 07.png

8. When prompted with “Allow Push Notifications” – Click Allow so that you can approve future sign-in notifications without opening the Okta Verify app

Tap Done to complete the account enrollment. Then the App will display Account Added

This account creation in the Okta Verify App should automatically generate an email to your inbox from notifying you that a multi-factor authenticator has been enrolled for your account

You can now securely sign in to the NPM Platform via

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